It’ll be short, sweet and simple. I don’t like ‘fluff’. These are just my thoughts (I have a lot of them!)
Sometimes I might add in a food blog. I eat a fairly sugar free diet and always on the look out or trying out new recipes!

I’m a mother of one and I wouldn’t be here writing about ‘me’ if it wasn’t for my delightful daughter. She has brought so much fun, chaos, joy and laughter to our lives. Some days are so wonderful that I find it hard to keep myself from popping with love , other days are hard, so so very hard.
This will hopefully be an honest look into the chaotic life that is being a parent of a one year old. (That’s her >>>>>>> isn’t she the cutest!!!)


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for sharing! It is a hard-amazing journey to be a parent… Best gift and worst punishment wrapped up in love and sleep deprivation. It’s a beautiful thing!

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