Crumbs In My Cleavage

I’m not a very voluptuous lady, at all. And I’m not very ‘breasty’ BUT I still have this daily issue of crumbs in my cleavage. I’m hoping I am not alone in this.

Now usually I will just pick it out quickly and eat whatever it is that dropped down there but sometimes that’s not possible. Chocolate for instance. That stuff melts, fast! Then you just have smeared/melted chocolate everywhere. There is also the issue of what to do in public? Is it acceptable to go fishing around your bra for that dropped crumb? Maybe not totally acceptable but what if it’s a sharp crumb off a cracker, that is going to get uncomfortable! Or what if it’s something that is going to start letting off a stench… 
Men will probably never understand this issue, well I hope not. They shouldn’t be wearing bra’s. Just one of the many things that men will never understand about being a woman…

There have been numerous occasions that someone (usually a male) has thrown food in my general direction and somehow it ends up down my top/in my cleavage. They have shocked faces and this reaction of “OMG! Did you just see that? How awesome was that?!”. Sorry but that wasn’t a fluke. Happens all the time. My bra is basically a magnet for food. Maybe I need to consider turtle necks?
You cannot avoid it while at the cinema. It’s dark, you’re not totally concentrating on what you’re doing. I generally end up with a meals worth of droppings in my bra. How not great would that be at the end of a date? Get home from the movies, have a little make out sesh, he gets a little handsy and then, “Whoa! What the heck is this sticky stuff?…” Safe to stay that’s the end of that!
Sometimes I won’t even realize I’ve dropped anything down there until that night when I take off my bra before bed. It’s like, “Oh, I was wondering where the other half of that cheeseburger went. Score!”

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