I’m sure many of us have seen the “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry” meme…

Now my husband knows all too well that I get very irritable, cranky, moody and angry when I don’t eat. Heck most of my friends know this! But for some reason he (and I) still let it happen sometimes and I do not know why?! We should always have a packet of nuts or a piece of fruit on hand for emergencies.
Recently (due to health reasons) I have temporarily changed my diet. No wheat, yeast or dairy. It is very hard, actually quite hellish. I already have a mainly sugar free diet and I’m a very picky person, so right now there is not a lot of things I can or will eat, but that’s okay because I know it is only for a time. But this has made for a few of these hangry incidents lately…

Bit of info for everyone out there who have not experienced the hangry feeling/emotion/disease. People who get hangry often are usually huge lovers of FOOD! You know you’re someone who suffers from hangriness when you do things like:

– filling up on those yummy little warm bread rolls with butter (or the delicious sizzler bread!! OMG!) before your meal arrives because you’re so hungry but yet still feel angry because you have now ruined your meal
– when you get to the point of being hangry you will settle for pretty much anything as long as it doesn’t take time to prep or much effort to get, even if that means eating those questionable leftovers from last week or straight up spoonfuls of condiments. You don’t have time to wait for something to cook… no no. Just eat stuff straight out of the jar!
– you’ve started hating on the waitress for not bring you your food straight away and loath everyone else in the restaurant who already have their meal
– you have taken out your hangriness on your partner or friend even though they have done nothing

The worst time for this problem of mine was when I was pregnant. My oh my… think 9 months pregnant, very hormonal and very hungry. One of my husbands friends (at this certain point in time I wouldn’t of been calling him MY friend) picked a place for us to ‘eat’ for lunch. We arrive and guess what, it was just a small coffee shop. Pretty much JUST coffee. Oh my goodness, I was not happy. I had already made it oh so very clear that I was hungry and wanted, no no, NEEDED to eat NOW! This little place was in the city so we had already spent too much time looking for a park, then walking to said place. So I sat, very quietly, fuming on the inside while all my little hipster, coffee drinking friends, drank their coffee until we could finally leave and get some well needed nourishment.

As soon as I had food in my belly I was happy! I couldn’t understand why this was such a hard task. Feed me THEN we can continue on with life. Happy wife, happy life indeed. So men, partners, husbands, if I can give you just one little simple tip… keep your woman well fed (especially when pregnant!).

It IS very much a real thing. It’s scientific, they have done studies!! So next time you become unjustifiably angry or irritable, consider a snack.

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