9 Things I Was Never Told Before Becoming A Mum

When we announced our pregnancy to friends and family all of a sudden I had advice, tips and stories coming at me left, right and centre. It was overwhelming, I didn’t like it. But in amongst all of it, they missed telling me SO many things. A lot of which I think are pretty important things. I won’t go into it too much but here are a few things that I have learnt and would like any expecting parent to know…

1. You WILL (most likely, unless you don’t care about your sanity) become one of those parents that hangs with mainly other parents. Your life becomes so revolved around routines, feeding, sleeping, feeding, sleeping!! Childless people generally don’t understand just how important it is to be at home for bubbas nap time/bed time, that all you want to talk about now is your child, and that 7pm is now a VERY reasonable bed time for you. Other parents get it, so it’s just easier that way.

2. You are no longer up-to-date of the happenings in the world. Unless it’s on ABC kids or in a children’s book, you’re most likely not going to know about it, until you have one of those random meet ups with your childless friends (and then they’ll give you one of those looks of like ‘Whaaaat? Where have you been’)

3. Sitting down to a civilised meal is a thing of the past. In the early days one parent will eat (very very quickly) while the other is bouncing, rocking, or swinging then SWAP! As time goes on, it will become a time of food on the floor and in your hair. Prepare yourself for food wastage.

4. Car trips become a major thing. No longer can you just ‘pop down to the shops’ or plan spontaneous road trips to the beach. No no no, everything now needs to be planned in advance. You have to organise all things around those naps and feeding times. There are always many things to pack… Some things are needed, some things are ‘just in case’. Car seats are just annoying! (Heaven forbid the days where hubby takes the car to work that has the car seat in it!!) A quick 10 minute trip to the shops will now take you approximately half an hour or more.

5. You will pick up awesome ninja skills. Being quiet while baby sleeps is a MUST. After bubba is asleep and you’re leaving the room, you’ll come to learn that squeaky floor boards are your worst enemy but as time goes on you will learn where those squeaky spots are and you will manoeuvre around the room like no bodies business. If you co-sleep, sliding out of bed to pee in the middle of the night becomes an art form.

6. NO ONE told me about the ‘mummy wars’. It’s a thing and it’s quite possibly the dumbest thing ever. Mothers compare themselves to each other… who is a better parent, whose child is more well behaved, who has a nicer/cleaner home, who breastfed or bottle fed? Pretty much all things relating to parenting/motherhood are judged… by OTHER MUMS! Not sure why it happens but it does and it’s dumb.

7. If you want to have a sex life at all, you have to improvise. That means that when there is an appropriate time, you do it. No matter where you are or time of day. Make it work. Showers become a shared time…

8. Your relationship with your partner will change. Good and bad but mostly good. You will love your partner like never before, respect and appreciate them like never before. You will also dislike them like never before. When you’ve both had a bad night sleep and baby decides to wake at 2am and not settle back to sleep, you will turn on each other and it won’t be pretty but I will give you a tip… You need to agree that anything that is said between the hours of 11pm and 5am must be easily forgiven. This will help save your relationship.

9. Lastly you’re not going to care about anything that I have said previously. Yes your life is going to change DRAMATICALLY and some people might think it’s lame you don’t go out as much anymore and that you’re quite constantly tired but none of it matters because you now have the greatest gift in the world. I cannot explain how it feels or the love that you are going to experience but it is amazing and there is nothing like it. I’m sure you have heard this one thousand times and you’re going to hear it one thousand more, yet you cannot comprehend just how incredible it is until you have a child of your own. Sometimes you will just be sitting, watching your child play and another wave of loving emotions will over come you and you just wont know how to express it! Everything inside of you wants to explode because your child is the cutest and most incredible thing that ever lived. They’re just so YUMMY!!


5 thoughts on “9 Things I Was Never Told Before Becoming A Mum

  1. I 100% agree with all of these, so true! Number 2 made me laugh as I recently attended a wedding and hadn’t heard half the modern songs that were playing as now the music in my life is for the kids – and I love it!

    • Haha yes! The odd time that I am in the car by myself I always turn on the radio and have NO idea what most of the songs are 🙂 but I am totally okay with it. I love my old school 80’s & 90’s music anyway 😉

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