I’m having an ugly day

Okay so not so much an ‘ugly day’ but more so an ugly week!! My skin has broken out in a way that I just don’t even know what to do with it… I’ve actually given up on trying to cover it up because I don’t even know how but I’ve also come to realize something… it doesn’t matter!! I’m at home, with my baby, no one will see me except for maybe the post man?! I’m not sure why I have cared so much about making sure I always put on a bit of make up and do my hair…? I mean I still get it and want to do it when I am going out somewhere and would like to look like I have at least tried somewhat BUT when I’m at home it really doesn’t matter. My baby doesn’t care that I’m having a bad skin day, that I’m having a bad hair day or that I’m wearing my daggy clothes! I’m sure she wouldn’t care if I didn’t shower, but that’s yuck and I may not care so much about ‘applying my face’ anymore but I do care about hygiene (and my husband still has to sleep next to me).
Don’t get me wrong, I will never be okay with a breakout and would rather walk around with a bag over my head on a bad skin day than be seen bare faced in public but while I’m at home, who cares?!
When I think back at favorite memories or picture our family in the future, I’m not thinking about my hair, my skin, or my clothes… I see cheesy grins, a happy kid, a happy family!!
So in the future, I am going to try to care a little less about spending so much time trying to make myself look better and a little more time allowing my daughter to put her vegemite covered mouth on my cheek to give me a kiss, letting her put braids and clips in my hair when she is old enough and putting on funny outfits when she wants to play dress ups. They’re only young once, I don’t want to miss out on anything just because my pride got the better of me.

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