The obligatory birth story

So before we get to the contractions, dilating and pushing, I’ll start off at the very beginning.
Our little princess was a surprise, a welcomed surprise but a surprise non the less. We had only been married a year when I found out I was with baby. We were living in a small inner city, one bedroom unit (which we had only just bought a year ago). In my head I was thinking “we’ll be married for 3-5 years before we try for a baby, be set up in a lovely home, financially stable, maybe have travelled to a couple of places, lived a bit of life! THEN we can start a family.” Yeah… No. Now I couldn’t be too upset since we weren’t being ‘overly safe’, no need to say more. But I was still surprised. Hubby on the other hand was very excited. He is 10 years older than me so he was very well ready. Me, not so much. I went through 9 different emotional stages over the 9 months.
1. Whaaaaaat?
2. I don’t feel pregnant, maybe I’m not.
3. Okay, this is happening, still doesn’t feel real but it’s happening.
4. I’m gonna be a mum? Whaaaaat?
5. Ooo I have a bump! This is cute.
6. Crap! This thing has to come out somehow!!
7. Gee this is getting uncomfortable.
8. Omg’osh am I ready? Am I going to be a good mum? I don’t know if I can do this!
9. Get this baby out of me!!!!!!!

Oh, also I was one of those lucky ladies that experienced something called ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’. If you want to know all about it, google it, otherwise in short it basically means you have debilitating sickness that is actually 24/7. Constant vomiting. You want to die. Vomiting every 30mins. Cannot even keep down water. Many visits to the ER which end up with over night stays and drips to rehydrate. Super fun! Anyway…

8th May 2013. Due date. I woke up around 5am with some little ‘niggles’. I tried not to get excited as I had been having constant Braxton hicks contractions for 2 weeks prior that sometimes felt a bit uncomfortable but never became anything more (oh how frustrating!) but as the morning went on, they were very regular and definitely more uncomfortable. Lunch time came about and I knew this was it. I called hubby to come home. I wanted to labour at home for as long as possible, so I did. 5pm came about and things had really got intense! Contractions were lasting 2mins and coming every 2mins. Yes that’s right, back to back contractions. NO BREAK! Off to hospital we go. We get there, they do the check and I was 7cm! Yessss. Thank God. I had heard so many stories of women being in labour for ages, going to hospital to only be sent home as they were only 3cm. Not me, off to the birthing suite. Things got too much and I was super tired as by now it had been 13hrs so I had an epidural (best EVER) I got to have a little nap, we all sat around chatting, laughing, having a nice time until it was push time. 11:30pm I started pushing, 11:38 bubba arrived. Amazing. I had a mirror and watched (yeah, ew gross but wow amazing) and I got to ‘birth’ her myself from the shoulders onwards and pull her perfectly gooey little body up onto my chest. I little tear rolled down my cheek as I looked at her, perfect. Ten toes, ten fingers. My life had changed forever and I could feel it. So much love I didn’t even know how to handle it. Absolute perfection.

6 thoughts on “The obligatory birth story

  1. What a touching story! I am one of five children, so I have had my Mother ranting and raving about this for errrr…ever! But this was a lot more eloquently put!

    Thanks for all the love on my page too, I appreciate it and I am following you now!

  2. When you have had hyperemesis, you NEVER forget it. It was 20 years ago for me and I can still conjure up the dread of waking up when I think about it. Truly, the only time I wasn’t throwing up was when I was sleeping (and I didn’t get enough of that). People who have “morning sickness” have NO IDEA! Oh dear, I am feeling a tad nauseated just writing about it 😦 Congratulations on your lovely birth and your healthy daughter and best wishes on your roller coaster ride through parenthood x

  3. Oh wow. I am insanely jealous of your birth/labor experience.

    Both my boys were delivered by c section. The first one was emergency and the second was obligatory since they were born with a year of each other.

    I wanted a mirror and to pull them out myself too. Good for you! That is really awesome.

    XOXO another young mother

    • Thanks 🙂 I was lucky to have such a wonderful experience! If it wasn’t for having Hyperemesis throughout my pregnancy I would be keen to go and do it all over again… So nervous about having HG again!!
      Thanks for stopping by xx

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